Fourth Chemo Cycle Nov 9th-13th, 2012

Hi there,

It’s almost my last day in the hospital. Unfortunatelly, i cannot share any of my card during my chemotherapy. I never bring my laptop with me to the hospital because it’s too heavy and to big to work with. Now using my iPad I can share a tiny it of my day here. Honestly, I don’t want to share my pain and unhappiness with you. So, I will try to be more possitive here 🙂

My day always starts with the daily check up. The nurse will come to check my blood pressure, temperature, puls, take my blood and measure my weight. And then comes the breakfast. Since I always have nausea during my chemo, meal time is not at all my favorite. But breakfast is usually still the best time to have a bite. This time I ordered croissant and coffee. It helps to find which breakfast suit me everytime I come here. During my last chemo I always ordered corn flakes. In the beginning  I could finish it, but the days after it was getting harder.

I have plenty of time to kill during my stay in the hospital. Previously I like to watch tutorials or trailers on YouTube or  play Agry Birds. Sometimes I also try to read books I brought from Indonesia. This time, I don’t feel well when sitting or laying on my bed. So, I need to change my position all the time. Even watching on YouTube doesn’t give me a comforting time. Ufff…. Sorry, I promised before that I would be more possitive.

This is the view from my window. Zurich University Hospital has a big nice garden. When the weather is good, you get to see the lake of Zurich and the alps. I feel lucky to live in Switzerland. You are very close to nature, even if you live in a big city like Zurich. As you see, leaves are changing color. It’s autumn and nearing winter. I always say that autumn is my favorite time of the year. The color of the nature is so wonderful. Red, orange, yellow, golden-ish. Not boring at all. Some people say they don’t like autumn, because they think the nature are dying. The trees are not dying. They are just preparing for the hardest time of the year, winter. By losing their leaves, they will survive. Somehow it reminds me of myself. I lost my hair due to chemotherapy and hoping that I will survive, just like the tree…………


Mini Notebook


Here is a project I made last Summer to prepare my trip home to Indonesia. Since I have 3 kids, I have a lot of things to pack everytime we go traveling. This time I had time to make a mini notebook where I can write down important stuffs before, during and after the trip. I made the cover from a chipboard sheet. As you can see, I still need to work a lot on coloring my stamp image with copic:) For the back of the cover, I used my colorful washi tape. I think it looks awesome!