Hello world!

Hi! I’m Susan. This is my second blog. It has been a while since the last time I wrote something on my first one. Writing is always difficult for me. I am not a person who can write a long story out of my daily activities, especially when my day is always pretty simple and routine. Well, it’s not really true. Since I have 3 kids, my day is always colorful and everyday is another story. But as I said before, I am not a good story teller.

Anyways…. I made this blog for another purpose. I decided to make this blog to share my passion for paper and scrapbooking. I am a newbie in the scrapbook world, but I like doing papercrafting ever since I was young. Sadly, scrapbook is not very popular in Switzerland. It wasn’t easy to find a shop which sells cute stamps, beautiful papers, embellishments and other scrapbooking tools and materials . Nowadays, there are some online shops in Switzerland where we can order scrapbooking stuffs. Just don’t try to compare the price here:) I mostly got my supplies from US. That is when my husband or a friend of mine had to travel to US.

So, hope you enjoy the blog. I’ll try to make it better and more beautiful. I just have to find out how:)