Rian’s birthday invitation

Rian's birthday invitation

It has been a looooong break indeed. I haven’t updated my blog for ages. Not just because I wasn’t doing well at the end of my treatment, but also because of many other things coming up: traveling, visiting family, lazy (!), home management and then some.
I promise to myself again and again that I should write more often. I have bought new moleskine diary and it’s still (almost) empty. I wrote a couple of pages, but then stopped:(

This time I would like to share invitation cards I made yesterday for Rian’s 9th birthday. Quite a quick simple card. I printed it with my old inkjet printer and made envelopes from vellum. I am very happy how it came out. I also used stamps from Papertrey ink I just purchased last week in US (yes!!!! finally I visited US!). I sooooo like the stamps Maille Belles designed. I forgot the name of the series, but it’s the one on the envelopes. The painting thing… whatever it is… I just love it!
I got to go. Sorry for the rush:)


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